How To Use Menstrual Cup?


Sizes of Menstrual Cup? Before using a menstrual cup you should decide which size of menstrual cup you should buy. Menstrual cup is usually available in two sizes i.e. small and large. Small is for teens and girls who have not yet given birth vaginally. Large size is for those who have delivered vaginally at least once.

When you use the menstrual cup for the first time you might find it irritating or uncomfortable, but just after a single use you will find it very smooth.

Tip: Before you use a menstrual cup, grease it with water or water based lube. 

How To Use Menstrual Cup?

  • Wash your menstrual cup and hands nicely.
  • Now fold the menstrual cup in half with rim facing up.
  • Now insert the cup with rim still up into your vagina.
  • Right now your menstrual cup should be a few inches below your cervix.
  • Once its in position, rotate it a bit. The menstrual cup will open and expand and cover the entire area to avoid any leak.

Tip: Menstrual cup is very comfortable and it doesn’t disturbs your daily routine of work out and movement through out the day.

How to take the menstrual cup out? 

You should not wear the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours straight. If it becomes full before that, its better to remove and wash it.

  • Wash your hands with soap and use two fingers (thumb and index finger preferred) to pull the stem of the cup.
  • Pull down from the base to remove it completely.
  • Wash the cup and your hands thoroughly.

We hope you had a great time going through instructions on how to use menstrual cup. If you have any query, feel free to drop a comment below; one of our expert will get in touch with you shortly.

how to use mentrual cups

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