Why and How to clean Washing Machines?


Your washing machine reduces your effort and saves your time with its cleaning mechanism. However, how does it clean your clothes when it itself has bacteria, dirt, and mildew? Most of us do not wash our washing machine, and the accumulated dust can affect its performance.

Importance of cleaning a washing machine

As you use your washing machine every day, the system can trap chemicals, residues, and minerals of detergent. You can find a thin layer that attracts bacteria. The untreated bacteria can affect the cleaning mechanism. Moreover, a washer has a hot, humid environment inside it. That is why it can be a favorable place for bacterial growth. In due course, you will get odor coming out of the washer. You will also find this odor in your clothes. To protect your clothes, you must clean your washer regularly.

Ways of cleaning a washer

Some of us use bleach to clean our washers. However, it is a smelly, harmful element, resulting in a clog to the septic system. The best option for you is white vinegar, as its acidity removes residues and cleans the pipe, integrated with your washer. Furthermore, white vinegar works as a deodorizer, removing the bad odor from your washer.

  • When your washer is empty, you need to run a hot water cycle to eliminate the solid buildup of detergents
  • Under high temperature, you can clean your washer to remove the odor.
  • Then, take out the detergent drawer to place it in a sink full of water. A solution of hot water and bleach works best to wipe out a thick layer of dirt.

You must also clean the door of your washer with a damp cloth and hot water. The door has a rubber seal, and by pulling back the seal, you can remove the scum.

Thus, it is easy to clean your washer with a few steps.

washing machine cleaning tips

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