Issues with Top Load Washing Machines


Like every machine has its own limitations, the top-load washing machine also has certain disadvantages. Since top-load washing machines are budget-oriented, they come with certain types of disadvantages. It is obvious that a company will try to distinguish between its premium washing machines and the ones which are budget-oriented.

There are certain disadvantages of top-load washing machines which are as follows:

A top-load washing machine is harsh on clothes

This means that clothes which are washed in the top load washing machine are more prone to get torn because of the use of impeller or the agitator as a part of its technology. They are very tough on fabrics, even though there has been innovation in its design.

Usage of excessive water

Top load washing machines use excessive water and detergent to cover up the clothes in its drum. It empties the soapy water and refills the tube again. This is repeated for a number of times depending upon the washing program you use, thus leading to excessive use of water.

Fewer features than a front-load machine

Top load washing machines also have less number of features and therefore they lack special programs for different categories of clothes.

Energy Consumption

Top load washing machines are also energy-consuming, meaning they require more electricity to complete function than a front-load machine. In fact, they are also expensive in the long run because prices of the major parts like the agitators and other small parts which are difficult to maintain are quite expensive in nature.

Requires a lot of storage space

Another major disadvantage is that it requires lot of storage space. They require a separate place and permanent water connection for their smooth running.

Therefore, with the advancement of technology, top load washing machines are less preferred nowadays by those customers who are looking for better technology in washing. However, they are still able to survive the market because they are quite cheap. 

issues with top loading washing machines

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