How to wash clothes better in Washing Machine?


It is imperative smarter ways of laundry are employed to make laundry easier, faster and less stressful. Below are the tips;

Prep clothes before laundry

Before putting clothes into the washing machine, read the clothing labels for how they require to be cleaned. You’ll find that you can group some clothing together based on the washing requirement. Separate “safely Wash Delicates” and “Dry Clean Only” and clean them appropriately. Remove pins or buckles, zip the zippers, close snaps or hook, empty pockets and unroll cuffs. However, don’t button the buttons.

Charge up your detergent

Cleaning power of detergents can be boosted using borax or baking soda if borax is unavailable – a quarter cup for front-loading and a half cup for top-loading machines. Baking soda can aid as a deodorizer for rough smelling clothes.

White Clothing Whitening

White clothing needs extra laundry measures to ensure they’re stainless. Take a large pot of water and slice up lemons and the peels into the pot. Boil the content and then disconnect it or remove the pot from fire. Add the white clothing and let it soak. After an hour, remove the clothing and launder as usual.

Laundry Bluing

Bluing is an effective old fashioned method of making white fabrics have a blue-white hue making the fabric appear brighter and whiter. This is done by adding a very subtle blue tint to the wash or rinse cycle. Continuous use of bleach to whiten fabrics or the use of fabric softener eventually weakens the fabrics and fibers.

Expert Stain Removal

Treat stains before washing. Scoop up the solids with a dull edge and blot out liquid stains with a white cloth from the outside in to avoid spreading. Ensure stains have been removed before you set them up for drying.

tips to wash clothes better in washing machine

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