Disadvantages of Front Load Washing Machine


Are you going to buy a washing machine and are a bit confused between front load and top load washing machines? Well you are in the right place to solve your problem. You must be getting attracted by the elegant style of the new and innovative front load washing machines but we would recommend you to also know the cons of this new innovation before finalizing your decision. This article will tell you every single disadvantage of front load washing machines.

disadvantages of front loading washing machine

Disadvantages of Front Load Washing Machines:

  • The biggest disadvantage of top load machines is that they are typically more expensive when compared to top load washing machines. It is too much cost for just change in orientation of loading.
  • These machines take comparatively more time in washing loads when compared to top load washing machines. On average about 20 to 30 minutes more than top load washers.
  • It is uncomfortable for many people as these washers require bending for loading and unloading. And the control panel situated on a low level calls children to play with it and change all the settings. The door is also situated on a low level which is more dangerous for kids and pets.
  • Using too much detergent at a time and overloading the tub with many clothes can result in bad performance and can lead to the shortening of the life span of the washer. Front load washing machines also have larger and bigger outer dimensions that make it more space-consuming and voluminous. It is also a bit heavier making difficulties in the installation process. It is also time-consuming to wash clothes in a front load washer as it is 20-30 minutes slower than the other models
  • The model includes an airtight door that causes mold growth that’s why they evolve an earthy and musty odor when not used properly. It also normally produce vibrations and produce unwanted noise. It doesn’t include a hot water inlet making it difficult and uncomfortable to use during winters. Front load washing machine doesn’t even rinse the clothes properly and leave clothes creased.

We hope you had a great time going through disadvantages of front load washing machine. If you have any query, feel free to contact us.

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