Cheapest Clothes Dryers in India 2020


Are you upset because your clothes are not drying in rainy seasons? Well the new technological era has a solution for you and it is a clothes dryer. After reading this article you would know about the top 5 cheapest clothes dryers that fit your budget.

The following are the best clothes dryers in India that fits your budget:

Voltas Beko Front Loading Clothes Dryer

Voltas Beko Front Loading Clothes Dryer Review

Graceful as well as sophisticated, these clothes dryer has all the key features that would help you in drying your clothes quickly. With the new and innovative gentle wave tumble drying technology it also has attractive features such as a high capacity of 8 kg so that you can dry all the clothes in one go.


  • It has 8 kg capacity which helps in cleaning more clothes in less time.
  • Unlike the other machines it doesn’t create vibrations and runs silently.
  • It also has an auto anti creasing dryer program with 1400 RPM maximum motor speed.


Bosch Condenser Tumble dryer Series 4

Bosch Condenser Tumble dryer Series 4 Review

This clothes dryer has an outstanding adjustable drying temperature system and has a drying capacity of 7 kg. It has both auto dry and sensitive drying technology.


  • The dryer drum has volume up to 112 liters, suitable for a family of 4-6 members.
  • It has duotronic moisture smart sensors.
  • It is safer as it has a child lock which allows only parents to access the control panel.
  • It contains anti-vibration side panels that provide ease while working.


Siemens iQ300 Dryer

With the auto dry technology and 7 kg capacity it becomes the ideal clothes  dryer that fits around everyone’s budget.


  • It is the fully automatic clothes dryer that makes it totally effortless.
  • It has a fluff filter that maintains the quality of your clothes.
  • It has an LED control panel that provides full control to you.
  • It saves your time as its minimum cycle time is just 42 minutes.


IFB TurboDry 550

IFB 5.5 kg Dryer (Turbo Dry 550) Review

Available with 6 drying programs, ensure to dry all your clothes with care. With this you don’t have to worry about bad odor, creased clothes, damp and allergens like germs and lint.


  • Mixed load, cotton and synthetic all three drying programs are available.
  • It takes less space in a room as the dimensions are just 600*530*720 mm.
  • It has a durable white color body with a stainless steel drum that increases its machine life.


Super General Fully automatic front loading Dryer

Super General Fully automatic front loading Dryer Review

This is the cheapest clothes dryer that you can get on this price with all the features of an ideal clothes dryer. This clothes dryer is packed with all the features in this minimal price that totally fits in your budget and is easy to use.


  • It has a capacity of 6 kg that is good for all small size families.
  • It can solve all the problems of monsoon as it has 4 drying programs.
  • It has air vent for discharge of water and anti-wrinkle system.
  • It also has an LED light display.

We hope you had a great time going through all these clothes dryers. Let us know in case of any query.

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