5 Things to Know Before Buying Clothes Dryers


Some sort of household appliances which can extract moisture from clothes, bedding or other household textiles are termed as Clothes dryers. There are some reputed online sites like Amazon which can offer good quality of Clothes dryers. But, before buying of Clothes dryers, you should check points for smart budget friendly decision.The following points should be considered before buying decision and top rated reviews may be considered in Amazon.in. Some reputed top brand products of Clothes dryers are referred below:

So, before buying clothes dryer you should check following 5 things –

Is it Energy efficiency?

If drying capacity is more rather than energy consumption, then it is known as energy efficient. This allows less cost for drying. More efficiency can be achieved by sensor drying, low heat setting etc.

Does Size of product matters?

Yes! Standard width of the product lies between 27 -29 inches .If you have small space, and then consider trimmer dryer or stackable dryers.But, if size permits space, you can order for standard dryers.

You should check capacity of drying

Heated air should be circulated over wet laundry to get dried. Drum capacity is considered in cubic feet. The most models permit range from 5.5 -7.Standard full size dryer range from 7 to 8.3.But, compact sizes are available in 3.4 cu. ft.If you need washing of light clothes, then move for compact sizes. If you continue to wash heavy bed sheets, then consider heavy capacity product. If washers start with 3.5 capacities, then you have to select 7 cu. ft. dryer. 1:2 ratios are considered for perfect balance of washing and drying.

Choose types of dryers for clothes

You should decide whether to go for gas dryers or electric dryers. If you have pipeline, you can select gas dryers.Otherwise, rest option is electric dryers. Gas dryers are less costly and are heated up very quickly.

Also check features and functions

Features and functions are important. You have to check whether moisture sensor,noise damping, bright control panel, drum light are incorporated.Product should be certified as per relevant Indian Standards.

tips to purchase clothes dryer

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