5 Cheapest and Best Clothes Dryers in India


A clothes dryer is an electric machine that is used to reduce the moisture from washed clothes. The main advantage of it is that you can able to dry your clothes no matter what is the outside climatic condition. Here are the top 5 cheapest and best clothes dryer which you can choose from your home.

1. IFB 5.5 kg DryerIFB 5.5 kg Dryer review

This is considered an efficient dryer and ideal for the Indian market and it comes with hygienic drying. Its total capacity is 5.5.kg. Also, it has varied features to be used for different clothes as well as automatically can set up the heating capacity. It has a special feature to rotate the clothes in clockwise and anti-clockwise which further ensure freshness in the clothes. It also made of stainless steel and has a two-year warranty. IFB has the best clothes dryers in India market with excellent after sale service.

2. Bosch 7 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Condenser DryerBosch 7 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Condenser Dryer review

The main function which comes along with this dryer is its special drying program so that you can avail cupboard dry clothes just with a help of a button. It has auto-dry technology which regulates the heat and perfectly dries the clothes. Also, it helps to reduce the ironing worries and gives you a wrinkle-free look. It further reduces vibrations and ensures better stability. This is one the best clothes dryer in this price range. 

3. Panasonic 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washer Dryer MachinePanasonic 8 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washer Dryer Machine review

The machine can help you with a foam-based wash. The door is 480 mm and can contain clothes up to 8 kg. Due to its size, it can help you to give a wide opening so that the addition and removal of clothes become easy. Also, it has an auto dryer which gets auto restart again as soon as power turns off. It means that once the power is on you don’t need to start all over again. These features makes it one the best clothes dryer in India. 

4. Koryo 7 kg Dryer Front Loading – Only DryerKoryo 7 kg Dryer Front Loading - Only Dryer reivew

This dryer is considered to be the saviour for many and also includes a filter clean induction, consists of anti-crease function and also dries clothes very quickly. The result will be always satisfactory because of its work smoothly and efficiently. Also, the dryer comes in a compact design which reduces the place of occupancy. This dryer not only considered to be a comprehensive solution to your needs but also fits the best with the interior of your house. It does not interrupt the look of your house making it one the best clothes dryer in India.

5. DMR 50-50A Semi-Automatic 5 kg Spin Dryer (Only Drying- No Washing)DMR 50-50A Semi-Automatic 5 kg Spin Dryer review

This is a fantastic clothes dryer machine which will help you to dry your clothes quickly without damaging the quality of the clothes. It is a portable and semi-automatic dryer that contains only one tub and has a thermostat that helps the motor from overheating. The machine has a spin-drying capacity and consists of clothes of the only 5kg and definitely works at very low cost, the consumption of electricity is less and also requires low water. It also has an inlet pipe along with a cover to spin the basket. The product is ideal for nuclear families.

Hope you guys had a great time viewing all these best and cheapest clothes dryer. 

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