5 Best Lint Rollers in India


Lint roller, also known as lint remover is a roll of adhesive paper on a barrel. Barrel is made of either cardboard or plastic. It helps to remove the lint or the very small fibers which sticks on your clothes. Once the paper is full of lints, you can replace the paper or even buy a new one. Let’s see some of the best lint roller available online. 

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

This is the top quality lint roller available in the market which is probably why its pric

scotch brite lint roller review

e is so high. Each of these rolls consists of 30 sheets. Each sheet has got the proprietary 3M adhesive and patented Polypropylene film which ensures efficient and effortless removal of fine dust, lint, pet hair, etc from any surface without any adhesive stain. The roller comes with an ergonomically designed handle offering 360-degree rotation making it easy to use. This is one of the best lint roller as it can be used for very long period.

Bulfyss Plastic Sticky Lint Roller

Bulfyss Plastic Sticky Lint Roller review

It comes with one lint roller along with 5 rollers each having 30 sheets. So, you get a total of 150 sheets. Each sheet has got proprietary adhesive with patented Polypropylene film. It removes lint, pet hair and dust with adequate efficiency. It is especially useful when you have pets in the house. Also, in the case of black clothes, it is useful in removing dust settled on them. It removes small pieces of broken glass too. Since you get a lot of sheets in your single purchase this is one of the best option of lint roller on Amazon.

Store2508 Lint Roller Store2508 Lint Roller review

In this you get, one lint roller with 60 sheets along with 2 refills of 60 sheets each. So, you get a total of 180 sheets. It comes with a cover to protect against dust in the surroundings when not in use. It removes lint, dust and pet hair on furniture or clothing with sufficient ease without damaging the fabric. Although the number of sheets are less but the quality of plastic is hard which makes it durable and one of the best lint roller.

Nyrwana Plastic Sticky Lint RollerNyrwana Plastic Sticky Lint Roller review

With this, you will get one lint roller along with 5 rolls of 30 sheets each. So, you get a total of 150 sheets. Its sheets have also got proprietary adhesive and patented Polypropylene film. It can clean all kinds of dirt like pet hair, thin hair, fabric pieces, dust, etc. However, it doesn’t have a cover. So, it is not easy to store it after using it once.

Douge Couture Lint Roller

It has got a roller and a roll of 38 sheets. It effectively removes any pet hair, dust and fluff from clothes, car seats or furniture.

We hope you had a great time time going through all the best lint rollers available on Amazon. If you have any query feel free to drop a comment below.

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