5 Best Detergents for Hard Water


Have you ever washed your clothes with hard water? You may have surely noticed white stains, bad odor, and dull laundry. However, you can quickly solve this problem by using the best quality detergents for hard water. Magnesium and calcium in the untreated water can cause stiffness and discoloration to your clothes. Besides, researchers have found hard water resistant ingredients in liquid detergents.
We have listed some of the best detergents for hard water that prevent any effect of hard water on your laundry.

Surf Excel Top Matic Liquid Detergent

This 2L package of Matic liquid has the potential of removing hard water stains from your clothes. However, you need to use it in your washing machine to get the best result. As it is a liquid detergent, it dissolves fast and does not leave residues on your clothes. Also, it eliminates stains without affecting the original color of fabrics. Moreover, Surf Excel has added a fragrance to its detergent making it one of the best detergent for hard water.

Herbo Pest Water Softening Liquid for Washing Machine

As you want a clean and healthy look in your outfits, you can use Blueoxy water softener. Although hard water contains carbonates and sulfates, this liquid detergent produces foam. However, you may combine it with another powdered detergent. Herbo Pest solution works as the best non-caustic, alkali boosting agent that removes grease from your outfits. The silicates help in removing soil particles, and you can find a sparking look of your clothes making it one of the best detergent for hard water.

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent 1.5 Litre

Ariel is one of the recognized brands of detergents. You can buy this Matic liquid detergent package for washing away stains of hard water, tomato, coffee, tea, and chocolate. The fragrant detergent also protects your fabric colors. You can easily pour the liquid without spillage due to the specially designed cap.

Genteel liquid detergent- Godrej

Godrej has used a unique formula that softens stains on your clothes. Moreover, this product acts as a fabric conditioner to retain fragrance and softness of your clothes. As there is no soda, your clothes have no risk. You can choose this liquid detergent with hard water to wash denim, cotton, silk, and linen clothes. 2 capful of detergent can do the magic.

Safewash Liquid Detergent by Wipro

With pH-balanced formula, this detergent is best for wool and other delicate fabrics. You will not find an adverse effect of hard water. Wash your clothes with this detergent, and get a soft feel in your clothes. There will be no shrinkage issue for your clothes. Regular washing with this detergent helps you in maintaining your fabric color.

Now, you can buy any of these detergents to wash your clothes. These liquid solutions fight against the negative effect of hard water. Moreover, they are effective in removing other stains from clothes.

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