Ottomate Smart Fans Review


Technology is changing our lives at a breakneck pace. It is also replacing the appliances and devices in our surroundings. One of the effects of technology is smart fans. Ottomate smart fan is one of the few fans in the world that provide automatic speed control at an affordable price. The fan has temperature and humidity sensors that help it to maintain room temperature. Also, it can be connected with your smartphone to turn it ON or OFF. However, this fan has failed to meet the expectations of the customers. Another reason behind the fan not trending is that there are much better smart fans in the market.

We already spoke about the merits of buying this fan. However, this fan has more demerits than qualities. The first issue with this fan is that it cannot be controlled manually. There are instances where the sensors fail to maintain the perfect temperature, or you want to change the speed. The only way to manage this fan is through a mobile application, which is not user friendly as it should be.

Another problem is with the mobile application, sometimes it becomes unresponsive. Since it a smart fan, it is highly sensitive. There are instances where people damage the fan while installing it. The last issue is the noise. There are high chances that due to faulty installation, the fan produces a lot of noise. This irritates most, especially when the fan is installed in the bedroom.

Ottomate Smart Fans reviews

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