Convert Normal Fan Into Smart Fan


In this world, everything is getting smarter day-by-day, no matter if it’s your mobile phones, cars, or your Ceiling fans. Yes, you heard it right, “Smart Fans,” nowadays, there’s a new hype of using Smart Fans. But what about those who are having regular fans installed in their homes and workplaces? Would they be able to convert their normal fans into smart fans? If this question arises in your mind, then let us tell you that yes.

You would be able to convert normal fans into smart fans easily. Do follow this article till the end to know-how.

Convert Normal Fan into Smart Fan-

There are several ways to convert a normal fan into a smart fan. Here we are going to discuss three of the best from those methods.

  1. In case if you have a remote-controlled ceiling fan, then we are sure that you must have faced the issue of signals not reaching up to the fan and hence because of which you are unable to control or make changes in the overall working.Here we have the first product that you can use and buy from Amazon that’s Bond Device. This is a small device, which uses Wi-Fi for sending IR and RF signals.With this device, you would be able to control your ceiling fan efficiently and hence can convert it into a smart fan.
  1. If you have a traditional ceiling fan that does not even have a remote control option, then here we have another way to control your normal fan into a smart fan, and that is with the help of “General Electric Z-Wave” which is a smart switch option that can be controlled with your smartphone and computer.
  2. This is the last option in the list, which is a Bluetooth device named Hunter 99107 SimpleConnect that can get connected with your pull chain ceiling fan, and hence you would be able to control it directly with your smartphone.

convert normal fan to smart fan

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