Carro Smart Ceiling Fan Review


The Carro Smart fan is a super smooth and noiseless 10-speed DC motorized fan with a Wi-Fi feature.It includes a dimmable LED digital lighting system with warm and cool white color temperature options. It can be regulated with either the provided controller, smartphone application, or via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Let’s check out some best features of Carro Smart Ceiling Fan:

  • Best Design –The fan utilizes 3 aerofoil blades for cooling down your house’s temperature. The blades are dark and also have an elegant, carved style, but they have been made from ABS grade plastic material.
  • 10 Speed Reversible Motor –The smart ceiling fan is driven by a 10-speed reversible 60-220 rpm motor and incorporates an 802.11n Wi-Fi system to communicate with your home wireless network.
  • Dimmable LED lighting – it comes with a 20-watt intensity changeable LED module with both warm and cool light temperature. Thepackage includes a5 buttoned physical remote control for controlling the fan speed and balances the brightness of lights as per preference.
  • Smart Control Via Voice Commands and mobile application –We can also use Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Google home voice recognition to switch the motor on and off and adjust the desired speed, however it doesn’t allowyour voice commands to regulate the LED lighting feature. Lastly, it can also be controlled via any Android or iOS device using the Carro Home application.

Final Words

The Carro Smart range of fans delivers strong airflow with noiseless motor drive. It is super active in responding to voice commands and works effectively without any issues.

carro smart fan review

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