Best And Cheapest Bladeless Fans in India


Blade less fans are an innovative technology with unique and extraordinary technology which completely fits with the tech race of the 21st century. A device which creates a continuous breeze without any blades unlike any traditional fan, which sounds magical, but is a beautiful presentation of Air Multiplier TM technology. It looks like a round tube knitted to a substructure. It provides continuous gentle wind that can cool up the entire room. It is also safe for your kids for the reason that it has no blades. It is simple and easy to use in dim light as it has inbuilt LED control. Nevertheless, if you have looked for the cheapest bladeless fans all around the world, here are the best and cheapest bladeless fans available in India.

Orient Electric Bladeless Table Fan

A quite nice-looking table fan that looks beautiful and elegant in offices or homes. It has a high speed motor with 3 variable fan speed settings. It has a slim body that takes up minimal space. This is one of the best looking bladeless fan in India. It uses a combination of physics and aerodynamics to multiply air, thus verifying continuous air flow. It consumes less power and runs quietly at 3 different comfortable speeds.Orient Electric Bladeless Table Fan review


  • Swing function gives cooling to the room.
  • 5 hours standby timer.
  • Built in ambient light makes it efficient to use in dim light.
  • Remote control, giving efficiency in hands.
  • High motor speed of 1200RPM.
  • Made up of hard ABS plastic that makes its lifetime longer.

Fashionwu 16 inches bladeless fan

Coolest way to keep yourself cool. The combination of new blade less technology and USB power makes the best laptop accessory. And its battery function, making it very portable. Without any blades it doesn’t harm the pets and kids. Consumes half the energy of a conventional fan. This is one the best bladeless fan in India. Remote controlled fan with golden finish. Fashionwu 16 inches bladeless fan review


  • Energy saving, uses half energy of your conventional fan.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Super quiet experience.
  • Only 40w power consumption.
  • Made of ABS plastic.
  • With USB power.


Trademark 72-HE519 TG USB Powered Robo Bladeless Fan with Light, 11-Inch

The best design Bladeless fan gives the appearance of a cute robot. It is a great desktop companion on or off. It can give you a pleasant experience due to silent Bladeless technology and changing lights on its body.

Trademark 72-HE519 TG USB Powered Robo Bladeless Fan with Light, 11-Inch Review


  • Portable electronic table, desk fan.
  • Different colors changing light like red, blue, green and purple.
  • USB Powered (37-inch USB cable is included).
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • To create a cool blast of smooth air, it uses an airfoil-shaped ramp.
  • Lightweight, only 1.53 pounds.

12V Portable USB Bladeless Fan Electric Table Mini Bladeless Cooling Air Conditioner With Adapter

Simple and sober, but elegant looking bladeless fan. It is better for offices and apartments. One of the cheapest bladeless fan in India when looking into the market. It has all the features you can get in this price with a working life of 35000 hours.

Features:12V Portable USB Bladeless Fan Electric Table Mini Bladeless Cooling Air Conditioner With Adapter Review

  • Made up of imported ABS plastic with ROHS Environmental protection certification.
  • Easy to clean in few seconds, very efficient and time saving.
  • Ensures protection of pets and newborns.
  • Normal working life of 35000 hours.
  • An energy saver as compared to traditional fans.
  • Very cheap, completely fits the budget.

Mini Fan Air Condition Best Bladeless Fan

Here comes the cheapest ever bladeless fan, you can ever find in the market. This mini USB gadget makes it portable for those who have a low budget and want to cool them. Simple design, but, what better than this, can you get for this low price.

Features:Mini Fan Air Condition Best Bladeless Fan Review

  • Can be easily used in an apartment, room or office.
  • Non glimmering delicate illumination.
  • Movable dimmable light.
  • The low noise facility makes it very useful during sleeping.
  • Consumes very little space due to mini design.
  • Contains sensor touch buttons.

It has a power utilization of around just 12 watts.

So these were the best and cheapest bladeless fans available online in India. Hope you had a great time going through these bladeless fans. 

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