Best Trimmers for Men Under Rs.1000


Having the best set of trimmers is important to a man. Although there are endless choices, it is not easy to find the right one. Moreover, you may have a budget while buying trimmers. Lots of men look for trimmers that are below Rs 1000 in price. We have picked high-quality trimmers that are low-priced solutions for you.

Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B Battery Operated TrimmerPanasonic ER-GB30-A44B Battery Operated Trimmer review

Designed with Japanese blade technology, the men’s trimmer is very easy to use. However, batteries are non-rechargeable, and you have to buy a new battery after using the original one. The trimmer is washable, and the adjustable length ranges from 0.5 to 18 mm. Moreover, the stainless steel design has added durability. You can buy this trimmer for both dry and wet trimming. This is one of the best trimmers for men under Rs.1000.

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Havells BT6201 Li-Ion Cord & CordlessHavells BT6201 Li-Ion Cord & Cordless trimmer reiview

When you are looking for the corded and cordless version of a trimmer, you may invest in this device. The anti-allergic blades with U-like shape prevent risk to your skin. During your trimming session, you can adjust the length up to 5 levels. While you have chosen a cordless mode, the built-in Li-ion will work for you for more than an hour. Thus, buy this compact trimmer for perfect styling. If you are looking for a high quality trimmer for men under Rs.1000, you should go with it.

Nova NHT 1076 Cordless Trimmer

This black trimmer has a stainless steel blade, ensuring high durability and smooth trimming. The trimming range from 0.5 to 10mm, and you can adjust the length up to 4 levels. Nova NHT 1076 Cordless Trimmer reviewIt takes 8 hours for full charge. In addition, maintenance becomes easy with a detachable head. The package includes a battery, a charging cable and your trimmer. You have to read the manual while detaching the parts of a trimmer. If you are looking for a trimmer with good battery life and under Rs.1000 you should go with it.

Braun BT3020 Beard Trimmer for Men

You can buy this innovative trimmer to ensure precise and flawless trimming. The trimming range can be up to 10mm. Braun BT3020 Beard Trimmer for Men reviewThe length is adjustable in 20 levels. Moreover, the kit also includes a comb that helps you in cleaning your trimmed hair. With a full-charge trimmer, you can trim your beard continuously for 40 minutes.

Philips BT1212 Trimmer

We have picked another set of cordless trimmer that needs charging for 30 minutes. The cutter width is about 32 mm. For your convenience, the manufacturer has included a USB charging facility. Philips BT1212 Trimmer reviewThe blades are skin-friendly and do not cause irritation. Remove the head to clean it easily. Many people prefer Philips brand for trimmers. This is the only Philips trimmer for men under Rs.1000.

Hope you had a great time going through trimmers for men under Rs.1000. If you have any query, feel free to reach out to us for more information.


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