5 Issues With Philips Beard Trimmers


Philips offers a variety of trimmers for different usage. But here, we will only talk about the beard trimmers. They all work best but after some time of usage, some problems start to occur with these trimmers. Let’s discuss the issues that we face in these trimmers by Philips.

Battery Back-up

When we purchase the trimmer, the very first thing we check out in them is the durability. The Philips trimmer which claims that they would consume one hour for charging and will provide an output for 1 – 1.5 hours, they work exactly like that. But after one or one and a half years, the durability power starts to decrease.

Blade Rotator Problem

While switching on the motor of the trimmer. The blades of the trimmer stop rotating after 3-4 seconds after using. But this can be fixed. To fix this problem, we have to open the head of the trimmer and after that, we have to take out the rotating part of the motor which has loosened up. We have to fix it tightly and our trimmer will be ready to use without any issue. This issue can be solved with ease.

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Poor Customer Service Experience

They come with a warranty of one or two years but when we report about the issue, they change the battery but then also, it works like the same. It is of no use, you only spend your hard-earned money on the repairing process instead you can buy a new trimmer from that money. Again this can vary from one customer to other.

Not Washable

Some of the trimmers by Philips are not washable. If they get wet by mistake, they stop working. They should be handled carefully and should be kept away from water.

Quite Expensive As Compared To Other Brands

Philips trimmers are best when it comes to quality. They are sturdy but when it comes to the pricing of the product. They cost a bit higher than the other brands. For students, they might not be considered as pocket-friendly trimmers.

The above-mentioned are some issues that we have to face with the Philips trimmers. While purchasing we must recall all the issues with these trimmers. Compare them with other brands and then try them out.

phillips beard trimmers issues

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