5 Best and Cheapest Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers in India


Nose and Ear hair trimmers are very necessary for every individual for personal hygiene. Whether it is a professional meeting or a house party, we need to look presentable. That is why we are here for you with the top five nose and ear hair trimmers. After using them, we feel clean and confident.

Let’s see the top five trimmers with their features. All of these are rated in between 4-5 stars on Amazon.

Panasonic ER-115 Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry Application

This is a trimmer from brand Panasonic. The trimmer’s dimensions are 3.2 * 13 * 9.2 cm. Its weight is 81.6 grams. It comes with a battery of size AA. It is easy and comfortable to use.panasonic ER115KP ear and nose trimmer review

There is no risk of cutting and bleeding. The blade of the trimmer consists of a high speed that provides a super smooth finish. It is washable that provides more hygiene. The product is portable and is travel friendly too. It easily fits in hand.

It comes in black colour and is sturdy. The packaging consists of the trimmer and a battery. The actual cost of the product is INR 1195 but is available on Amazon at a discounted rate. This is the best nose & ear trimmer available in India. 

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Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer

It is the best seller on amazon. This product is from the brand Philips. The dimensions of the product are  4 * 10 * 21 cm. The weight of the trimmer is 181 grams.Philips NT1150 10 Nose Trimmer review

It consists of the advances guard system which protects our skin from cutting, hair pulling, and hair breakage. It also consists of the protective cap, that prevents the blades from damaging while storage.

The ideal angle provides us with the perfectly trimmed hair of the nose as well as the ears. This device is indulged with an AA battery. It is available in black colour. It is a travel-friendly trimmer. The actual cost of the trimmer is INR 995, but on Amazon, you can be discounted at a decent price. Its one of the cheapest nose & ear trimmer from Philips.

Panasonic ER417K44B Nose Trimmer

The product weighs 118 grams and the dimensions of this trimmer are 17.1 * 9.2 * 4.3 cm. It is a washable product that helps in cleaning all the mess easily and also maintains hygiene.

It can be used on both wet as well as dry surfaces. This also comes with an AA battery. It consists of the sharp blades that are angled at 60 degrees.

The mirror cap prevents the stainless steel blades from damaging. It comes with a combination of black and grey colour. It is a portable trimmer is can easily fit in our grooming kit. It is also durable. It removes the hair smoothly and makes us look flawless. The actual price of this trimmer is 995 INR, on amazon you can get it at a discounted rate of INR 825.

Life-Long LLPCMO3 Nose Trimmer

This trimmer comes with a year warranty. The dimensions of the package are 15.7 * 8.6 * 3.6 cm. It weighs around 99.8 grams. The rating of this product on amazon is 4 stars. It is rechargeable consumes 8 hours of charging and provides the output of 40 minutes, which is decent for the usage as it takes approximately 10 minutes to trim the hair. Its a good deal if you are looking for cheap trimmers. Life-Long LLPCMO3 nose trimmer review

It comes with a washable tip that stands out in terms of hygiene. The rotatory blade system trims all the hair smoothly, without any hassle. It comes with a combination of white and silver colours.

The actual pricing of the product is INR 1799, on amazon, you can be discounted upto INR 1198. The discount rates vary from time to time so check again before going for it. Its one of the cheapest trimmer available in India.

Wahl 5608-524 Mini Grooming 3 in 1 trimmer

The product comes with three supporting tools or you can say variants, these can be used for face, beard, moustache, etc. wherever you find it suitable for.The dimensions of the package are 24.6 * 12.8 * 3.4 cm and it weighs approximately 249 grams.Wahl 5608-524 Mini Grooming 3 in 1 trimmer review

The trimmer comes with a battery. It is portable, compact and easy to clean. This is travel friendly as well as pocket friendly. It is available in black colour. It comes with 2 years warranty. The actual cost of the product is INR 795 but is also available at discount on amazon. This is one of the best yet cheapest nose & ear trimmer available online. 


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