How To Calculate the Air Conditioner Tonnage for Room?


When summer season comes people begin concerning over their AC plan. While buying an air conditioner people have a question in their mind, which size of AC will be suitable for their room. When we say about the size of the air conditioner, it is not related to the dimensions of the gadget. But it refers to the cooling ability of the gadget, which is measured in terms of BTUs ( British Thermal Units). For buying an air conditioner, choose the unit according to the size of the room which will provide you the best efficiency with lower running costs.

For selecting the perfect air conditioner, you need to calculate the size of your room in square feet.

To calculate the size of the room you simply need to multiply the length and breadth of the room (Area of the room). Then multiply the required number by 25 BTU. This allows sufficient cooling in any season. Recall that 12000 BTU =1 ton. For instance, the room of 12 feet broad and 15 feet long. Then the area of the room becomes 180 square feet. Then after multiplying it with 25 BTU, you will get the minimum BTU air conditioner that will be adequate for your room. That means here, 180 x 25 = 4500 BTU capacity is required.

There is a rumor that a large air conditioner is better and cool immediately. An air conditioner cools the air and removes humidity from the air. But a large air conditioner cools your room instantly and leaves humidity in the room which gives a damp feeling.

Do it yourself measure the area of the room to be cooled and calculate the air conditioner BTU perfect for your home. Keep in mind that too little is not sufficient and too much can be awful.

We hope you had a great time and got all information regarding how to calculate air conditioner tonnage for a room. If you have any query feel free to drop a comment below.

AC Tonnage Calculations

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